W 1 Junior Professor with W 2 Tenure for ‘Didactics of Chemistry (m/f/d)’

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK) is a research university with a focus on engineering and natural sciences and an international profile. In the field of basic research, it is particularly active in six collaborative research centres (CRCs) and transregio-CRCs. Important subject areas of application-oriented research are dealt with in close cooperation with the ten research institutes in the vicinity. TUK is a campus university characterised by short distances and cooperative partnership among all its members.

The Landau Campus of the University of Koblenz-Landau and Technische Universität Kaiserslautern are in the process of forming a joint university for engineering and technology. We are looking for you to help us as early as now to shape the start of our new university in 2023 at the Kaiserslautern location.

In the framework of the Programme for the Promotion of Early Career Researchers by the German Federal and State Governments (WISNA) the position of tenure track professor

W 1 Junior Professor with W 2 Tenure for ‘Didactics of Chemistry (m/f/d)’

at TUK in the Department of Chemistry is to be filled by April 1th, 2022 with an early career scientist with proven abilities for independent scientific work and high development potential.

The tenure track professorship is funded by the WISNA programme. The programme’s target group are scientists at an early stage of their careers. We therefore explicitly invite people to apply shortly after finishing their doctorate. The filling of the professorship requires eligibility according to WISNA. The prerequisite for employment is a short period of scientific work following the doctorate.

The professorship includes a competitive allocation of both material and human resources. It shall initially be occupied as a W 1 position in civil service for a period of six years. In the fourth year of the junior professorship, a mid-term evaluation on the level of performance of an orientational nature takes place. A tenure evaluation shall be conducted prior to completion of the period based on clearly defined and transparent criteria. These criteria will be established at the time of appointment together with the future appointee. Following the successful completion of the tenure evaluation the appointment shall take place for the civil service post for life in the salary grade W 2, insofar as the general staff regulations are met. The procedures are set forth in the TUK Charter on Quality Assurance for Appointments.

The research and work field of the applicant is primarily in experimentally designed teaching practice in the subject of chemistry with both an empirical and basic research focus.

The area of responsibility of the advertised professorship includes independent and responsible research and teaching in chemistry-related teacher training programms for grammar schools, secondary modern schools and vocational schools.

Applicants are expected to:

  • A successfully completed doctorate,
  • Preferably a master degree or a second state examination in chemistry-related teacher training programmes,
  • Experience in teaching the didactics of chemistry with analogue and digital media,
  • Willingness to cooperate with the existing department for the didactics of chemistry, with the subject-specific groups of the Department of Chemistry as well as with subject-didactic groups of the TUK and the Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL) and
  • Should have at least three years of teaching practice at a secondary school

Desirable are:

  • Knowledge in empirical educational research
  • National and international publications
  • Experience in planning and acquiring research projects

The State of Rhineland-Palatinate and TUK represent a support concept in which a high attendance of the professors at the university is expected. Willingness to cooperate in the administration of the university is assumed.

Besides the general staff regulations, the appointment requirements stipulated in § 54 of the University Act of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate apply. The text is deposited on the homepage of the TUK (https://www.uni-kl.de/intern/meine-tuk/hauptabteilung-1/rechtsvorschriften/).

The selection procedure will be based on the provisions of the Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Education Act on the appointment of professors.

TUK strives to promote an increase in the representation of women in research and teaching, and thus emphatically invites qualified female academics to apply. Applicants with disabilities will receive preferential treatment in the event of equal suitability (please enclose evidence). TUK is a family-friendly university; it values the diversity of its members and enables equality of opportunity for all. Applications by scientists from abroad are particularly welcome.

By submitting your application form, you agree to the internal processing of your data for official purposes in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Applications should be submitted by email with the usual documents (curriculum vitae, references, certificates, list of publications, copies of the (up to five) most important papers, brief description of previous activities in research and teaching as well as planned research projects) by November 22th, 2021 to
the Dean of the Department of Chemistry at the TUK,
P.O. Box 3049,
67653 Kaiserslautern, preferably by email (contact: dekanat@chemie.uni-kl.de