Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

The Establishment of Tenure-Track Professorships at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich is intended to promote young academics and artists in an early stage of their career, i.e. after a successful PhD, a PhD in practice or equivalent artistic-academic work experience, in the long term. At the same time it makes it possible to deepen connections with current artistic, media and social discourses that are vital for teaching and research in all (theoretical and practical) areas of art. In addition to the vertically oriented master studios, a horizontally oriented teaching platform is thus created with a focus on working, teaching and research across theory and practice. In this way, the Academy aims to overcome traditional divisions between artistic work and theoretical reflection as well as media specificity and genre aesthetics. The W1 professorships at the Academy will establish cross-connections and move transversally through artistic practices and art-theoretical questions. The W1 professorships for Philosophy of Media and Technology as well as for Contextual Practice in the Field of Fine Art (studio for Jewelry and Hollowware) are centered around transmedial and interdisciplinary approaches and benefit all students. They are intended to stimulate communication and artistic exchanges between the artistic studios, promote stronger cooperation between theory and practice, and react to current changes in art, media, and society.