Bauhaus Universität Weimar

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar offers artists and scientists attractive and predictable career paths that are internationally competitive and encourage early scientific and artistic independence. Qualified new recruits with the career goal of becoming a professor are, for mutual benefit, quickly secured at the University. For this purpose, the University is advertising W1 professorships (junior professorships) associated with tenure track. The junior professorships are initially a limited contract, but have the potential to turn into a W3 professorship as a civil servant or a lifetime employee.  The conditions for permanent employment include fulfilling the requirements associated with developing the professorship over the course of the probationary period (typically six years). The corresponding goals are agreed upon in writing between the junior professor and the University and are based on a specific set of criteria. Tenure track professors are offered specific support to prepare them for future tasks and responsibilities as university professors. They will also be provided with appropriate equipment.  The final suitability assessment for a W3 professorship is carried out in a quality-focused and quality-assured procedure which is consistently and transparently regulated by a university-wide statute. In accordance with the Free State of Thuringia University Policy, the University aims to permanently establish tenure track positions as a regular procedure for filling W3 professorships.