Europa-Universität Flensburg

The Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) is applying for funding from the Joint Federal Government-Länder Tenure-Track Programme. With its participation, the EUF would like to achieve the programme objective,

  • to establish tenure-track professorships (TTP) as an additional career path,
  • to promote the associated cultural change in the EUF and in this way,
  • to make career paths more predictable for young scientists.

Against the background of the TTP, which was introduced in 2010, the EUF already considers itself well positioned with regard to cultural change. The proposed project "Promotion of Quality and Internationalization of Tenure Track Professorships" is intended to test and further develop new funding approaches for TTP. Embedded in a differentiated funding system for the various career stages and groups of scientific personnel, the funding approach for junior professors with and without tenure track focuses on the goal of supporting the establishment of their own field of work. For the TTP applied for as part of the project and for junior professorships in general, a one-semester Fellowship in Research and Teaching at an international university will be introduced as a rule requirement for junior professorships and supported in the initiation and implementation of specific family services. This is aimed at international research and teaching experience as well as the international networking of junior professors. In order to promote independence in teaching and examination, each junior professorship is responsible for one module. Further funding approaches include, among other things, training courses in teaching and research, coaching, and an extended family service and welcome service. In order to maintain the tenure-track model, 3 TTPs are to be settled permanently at the EUF in the future.