European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

The European University Viadrina is characterized by a high degree of internationality and interdisciplinarity. The early acquisition of outstanding academic personalities and talents from Germany and abroad as well as their promotion and development at all career levels offers a great opportunity to sharpen and constantly renew the university's profile together with excellent young academics. The tenure-track professorship represents a central career path, as it builds on early independence in research and teaching and opens up reliable career prospects immediately upon graduation.

The European University Viadrina therefore introduced a university-wide tenure-track model in 2017, which will be structurally and sustainably anchored by the participation of all faculties in the federal-state programme and by the link to continuous profile development of the European University Viadrina. The junior professorship with tenure track will be designed as a career path in which special quality assurance measures will ensure maximum transparency and reliability, from the appointment procedure to probation and tenure evaluation. The Viadrina increases its attractiveness for international applicants, among other things, by flexibly structuring the duration up to the probation or tenure evaluation. The tenure-track junior professors are accompanied by comprehensive and specific personnel development programmes, including optional mentorship. Specific measures to improve the compatibility of family and career are added. The introduction of tenure-track professorships is flanked by a personnel development concept geared to the entire academic staff, which establishes transparent career paths and provides specific counselling and support measures.