Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU) looks back on a successful track record in promoting young academics, in particular doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Using the Tenure-Track Programme, FSU complements its efforts by taking a closer look at the immediate career track to a professorship. Following the strategic goals of early independence and reliable career tracks in science, FSU has introduced the career path of the tenure-track professorship. Starting with the granted funding, 15% of all W2 professorships are to be issued step by step as TT professorships advancing from W1 to W2. All TT professors are to be endowed at least with one half position of a scientific assistant, with secretary support as well as with two professorial mentors. Additionally, a qualification programme is offered. TT professorships are limited to a term of up to six years.

The tenure-track statutes adopted by the Senate in 2017 forms the basis of the appointment and evaluation procedures. The Standing Tenure-Track Commission, headed by a Vice-President, is responsible for ensuring the quality of the proceedings. All tenure-track positions are internationally announced and with clear reference to the tenure-track commitment, which guarantees the availability of a permanent professor position. The appointment is carried out by a standardised, quality-assured appointment procedure, in which internationally renowned experts are involved. Owners of TT professorships independently carry out their tasks in research and teaching. The transition to a permanent professorship takes place after a successful, quality-assured tenure evaluation according to clearly defined and transparent criteria. This evaluation assesses the achievements with respect to the agreed objectives from the appointment contract as well as the professional and educational performance required for the respective permanent professorship. In the tenure evaluation, a considerable number of external experts has to be involved.