Hamburg University of Technology

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) places great emphasis on the advancement and qualification of young scientists in terms of their individual academic development. The institution develops young engineers by offering them the opportunity to gain qualifications in structured doctoral programmes such as the DFG (German Research Foundation) postgraduate programmes, a “traditional” individual doctorate as well as at junior professorship level. The Joint Federal Government-Länder Funding Programme for Junior Academics offers the opportunity to link personnel development in the field of science through the academic tenure track system with TUHHs’ own development strategies to enhance its academic staff structure.

With a consistent and strategically underpinned concept within the framework of the TUHH growth strategy pursued by the City of Hamburg TUHH intends to expand computer science, which is important for all scientific disciplines in the age of digitalisation. The increasingly prominent role played by ICT in industry and society poses a major challenge (keyword: industry 4.0). New business models are emerging, and altered demands in terms of jobs will create the need for completely new qualifications.

Furthermore, application-oriented and basic research in TUHH’s areas of expertise, as well as modern teaching methods in engineering, will be supported in order to raise the profile of TUHH’s English-language study programmes on the international stage. Among other things, the goal is to develop the Bachelor General Engineering Science (GES) study programme so that it is taught completely in English and to make it an internationally renowned flagship. With the expansion of computer science in the GES study programme, TUHH can convince young and qualified students to join at an early stage.

Starting point are 11 tenure track junior professorships proposed by TUHH, for which the suitable persons will be found using an internationally oriented search strategy.