Hochschule Geisenheim University

Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU) is opening more long-term and sustainable career paths in order to promote excellent scientists. In 2017, the university's executive committee took a key decision to reinforce their recruitment policy by establishing a tenure-track system to appoint young scientists with high potential as assistant professors (Qualifikationsprofessur according to Hessian Higher Education Act). Subsequently, the university senate has approved this decision. HGU's organizational cultural change has already started as this has become an integral part of the HGU recruitment process and career policy. In May/June 2018, the first tenure-track professorships were advertised. By 2026, approximately 18% of all professorships will be appointed via this career path. This will offer attractive conditions for young scientists and allow HGU to better compete for top scientists both nationally and internationally. HGU offers tenure-track professorships exclusively as a path from a W1 appointment to a tenured higher grade W2 appointment. The entire tenure process is governed by HGU tenure-track statutes. The tenure-track qualification period is embedded in various personnel development measures, such as a voluntary mentoring program, tailored training and education packages, and an onboarding procedure oriented towards target groups. All procedures, from appointment to evaluation, are designed to be fair and transparent, with university-wide consistency, quality assurance and clear underlying evaluation standards.

To achieve these goals, HGU will apply for a financial contribution towards three tenure-track professorships. These will be implemented in crossover areas between several main wider research fields, as outlined in the HGU strategic long-term development plan (Hochschulentwicklungsplan 2020).