Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Although assistant professorships have been established in many academic disciplines, the road to a permanent professorship is full of personal uncertainties. The tenure-track professorship makes planning an academic career easier and more transparent, and allows those involved to make decisions early on about whether to stay in academia. Several disciplines at JGU have already tried out the tenure-track professorship with very positive results. However, in order to develop this professorship to its full potential, a comprehensive cultural change towards the professional development of academic staff needs to take place. At JGU, similar to many German universities, a significant number of permanent professorships have to be made available to applicants as fixed-term positions with tenure-track. Making this change possible and developing human resources accordingly are the main goals that JGU is trying to achieve by implementing the professorships applied for under the Joint Federal Government-Länder Funding Programme.

At the same time, the support that JGU offers to early career researchers must be adapted to the new system. Along with the promotion of careers in academia, it is also important to offer assistance to those who wish to pursue a different career path. Another goal of the project is therefore to prepare especially doctoral candidates and postdocs at JGU for potential careers outside of academia. It goes without saying that JGU will respect the values and demands of our contemporary society during this process. Providing equal opportunities and the possibility of combining career with family life will be an important part of the further development of the university.