Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

KIT seeks to offer multi-perspective, transparent and predictable career options for young researchers. Our goal is to attract the best minds worldwide and, here, the establishment of large-scale tenure-track-professorships and our innovative career system, Multi Track, play a central role.

These measures create a tenure culture that contains other attractive opportunities besides a full professorship. They are designed for tenure-track-professors and selected junior group leaders and assures them either a (1) full professorship or a permanent position as (2) recognised scientist or (3) established scientist, provided they meet predefined requirements. Our goal is to fill about half of all full professorships via tenure-track-professorships within the next ten to fifteen years. KIT also defines career possibilities that do not involve research, such as science management and administration.

KIT has identified the planning and development of human resources as a strategic field of action to help improving the employment conditions of young researchers and tenure-track professors. In this regard, the Young Investigator Network (a network and lobby for young researchers), continuing education programs, annual appraisal interviews and staff planning meetings support this goal.

Gender-balanced recruiting with a target of 40% women for tenure-track professors supports KIT’s target of gender equality. To improve work-family balance, we offer extended appointments for new parents, family-friendly working hours, comprehensive childcare and dual career service.