Karlsruhe University of Education

Karlsruhe University of Education is - with approximately 3.600 students, 47 professors, 116 doctoral students and 156 persons working as mid-level faculty – a comparably small university with special research focus. Karlsruhe University of Education offers various career opportunities in the academic field, as for example the transition from a master’s level to a doctoral degree or the transition from a doctoral degree to a professorship or, alternatively, into other professional careers. In 2016, Karlsruhe University of Education has developed a concept of quality assurance for junior professorships with tenure track. Furthermore, the sustainable implementation of a tenure track-career path for junior professors is defined in the University’s latest structural and development plan (2016-2021). Positions for junior professorships at Karlsruhe University of Education could, until now, not be provided with a tenure track. Therefore, the project submitted aims at increasing the number of junior professorships endowed with a tenure track thereby contributing to the development of the structure of academic staff as well as to the human resources development in general. In order to realise the tenure track option, each of the junior professorships defined in this programme is matched with an already existent professorship, which will become vacant within the next years.