Osnabrück University

The project "Tenure-Track-Konsequent" will substantially improve the predictability of scientific careers in the long term, structurally establish the tenure track as a quality-assured model throughout the university and ensure scientific innovation in the different disciplines.

In order to achieve this, Osnabrück University will introduce a new model of appointment-planning. With this model, the tenure-track-professorship is structurally established and at the same time used to strengthen disciplinary profiles. In the future, all vacant W2 professorships will be transferred to a central appointment-pool, which will be used exclusively to establish tenure-track-professorships. Thus, the tenure-track-professorship is implemented consistently and in all disciplinary areas of the university. Finally, to strengthen research at least six tenure-track-professorships will be established in strategic profile areas of the university. From 2020 to 2032, at least 19 tenure-track-professorships will be established through this model.

A new appointment procedure will ensure the quality-assured selection of tenure-track professors as well as their interim-evaluation and tenure-evaluation by explicitly and compulsory involving external and international expertise.

Parallel to the permanent reorganization of the appointment-planning, an innovative qualification model will be established for scientists in the R3 phase. Special focus areas are:

  • the implementation of a proactive recruitment-policy aiming at identifying the best candidates and further increasing the proportion of female professors,
  • the strengthening of leadership skills concerning the aspects of gender and diversity,
  • the support of decisions in early career stages,
  • the intensive promotion of early academic independence of postdocs as well as
  • support for the career-tansition-phase with a focus on career goals.