Technische Universität Berlin

The tenure-track model is being implemented throughout TU Berlin. The transparency and security provided by the tenure-track model offers junior academics in all disciplines an attractive alternative career path to attaining a professorship. The University’s objective is to supplement the already approved 17 tenure-track professorships by incorporating 25% of future vacant professorships into the tenure-track process.

The additional 17 professorships will be allocated throughout all the University’s faculties. In doing so, TU Berlin is initiating a cultural change across all disciplines. These positions are offered as W1 tenure-track professorships, thus enabling junior academics to make an earlier decision concerning their ongoing commitment to the science system.

TU Berlin also undertakes to provide tenure-track professorships funded within the program with adequate material and personnel resources to enable professors to conduct their work independently. All tenure-track professorships also receive sufficient technical resources to set up their academic chairs. Such resources will be calculated using the same criteria as are applied to lifetime professorships.

TU Berlin is particularly committed to implementing the tenure-track programme on the basis of diversity and gender equality standards.

TU Berlin seeks to promote genuine compatibility of family and career. The University was awarded the “audit family-friendly university” quality seal in 2008 and continues to be a certified family-friendly university. By taking this landmark decision to implement the tenure-track model at TU Berlin, thus providing a sustainable alternative career path to attaining a lifetime professorship, the University commits itself to supporting its tenure-track professors in their efforts to combine professional and family life.