Technische Universität Braunschweig

The Technische Universität Braunschweig is a research-oriented and cosmopolitan institute of higher learning. Under the founder’s motto, “Nec aspera terrent” –not even difficult tasks and adversities deter us –, the technical university has been setting trends in research, education, transfer and scientific management with the longest tradition in Germany for around 275 years.

Anchored in the goals and values of TU Braunschweig are the support of junior researchers and the further development of the personnel structure, both strategic key activities of university leadership. The expansion of the “tenure-track-professorship” and its implementation into all faculties significantly increased the number of professorships and sustainably established the university as an additional career path. This is supplemented with future aims of filling 20% of professorship positions as “tenure-track” and systemically stabilizing the career path further.

A culture of transparency and merit are central to the core identity of TU Braunschweig. International announcements and quality assured appointment procedures, transparent and comprehensible evaluation criteria and target agreements serve as the foundation for the plannable design of career paths. This is guaranteed through the tenure-track ordinance, the tenure-track commission as well as a voluntary mentoring program. Equal opportunities and a family-friendly orientation are at the same time valued as central conditions for winning over exceptional minds.

The tenure-track professorships are established into the four central research areas. This, together with the most modern research infrastructure, provides the best possible conditions even in the early career phase. In addition, junior researchers profit from a pronounced culture of cooperation and networking with countless neighboring non-university partners in the most research intensive region of Europe.