Technische Universität Chemnitz

Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) is implementing a tenure-track professorship model, so as to help strengthen young academic talents early on in their career paths by means of, among other things, early autonomy and long-term career planning.

Via their participation in the programme and the cultural changes that come with it, the young academics will follow more predictable and transparent career paths. Having an earlier-established, stable position in the academic career system allows for more sustainable support of these young academics.

This new career path also aims to increase the attractiveness of CUT with regards to the international competition for top talents. Equal opportunities, the successful balancing of work and family life, and continuous professional improvement are, and will remain, priorities of CUT.

Therefore, the fulfilment of the requirements according to Paragraph 4 of the administrative agreement between the Federal and State Governments on a funding programme for junior academics (Tenure-Track Programme) is not only a matter of procedure, but also an opportunity to further develop our processes and structures. The provision will be statutorily enacted via by-laws for the allocation of a Professorship in Tenure-Track Evaluation Procedures at CUT.

The academic profile of CUT combines the core of a "Technical University" in the so-called MINT-subjects with a broad spectrum of humanities, social sciences and economics, and additionally gives a special focus to the three core competencies "materials and smart systems", "resource-efficient production and lightweight structures", and "humans and technology". Because of this, the establishment of tenure-track professorships will focus first on these MINT subjects and the three core competencies.

Following an initial start-up phase, a transition to a continuous allocation of a proportion of professorships at CUT via the tenure-track process shall take place.