Technische Universität Clausthal

TU Clausthal (TUC) is going to improve career perspectives of early career researchers by establishing the tenure track professorship as new career path. The university is aiming to attract and bind excellent scientists in order to ensure a professional and strategic development. Tenure track allows national and international acquisition of excellent early career researchers. Suitable and highly qualified scientific personnel is significantly contributing to research and teaching and is a long-term warrant for success of further university development, especially the universities research profile. TUC`s research profile reflects the major social challenges related to gentle and efficient handling of natural resources. The applied tenure track professorships are exactly aiming and supporting at this research field. Early career scientists (postdoc phase 1, R2) will be actively and systematically supported by career development provided through several service centers of TUC (Support focuses especially on the transition of the first postdoc phase (R2) towards the second postdoc phase (R3) as well as the second postdoc phase (R3). Early career scientists can use a wide variety of information-, consulting- and qualification offers and are supported by developing their own research profile including leadership, teaching and management competences. Furthermore, TUC is supporting early career scientists applying work-life-balance.