TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Tenure-Tracks for the so called junior professorships will be introduced at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. For implementation, systemic tools will be developed, which ensure the continuation of the career path of excellent scientific junior staff in a plannable and transparent manner. In a pilot phase, junior professorships in the various fields of geomatenum (geology and materials sciences, energy and environment) will be created, which play an important role in the development planning of the faculties. In order to ensure an excellent quality of the Tenure-Track career paths, tenure-track commissions and a tenure-track committee will be formed in addition to a general regulation for the tenure-track evaluation procedure. To ensure the sustainability and continuity of the Professorships, a job pool as well as a central and decentralized funding system will be set up.

Emphasis in personnel development is seen above all in the accompaniment and promotion of newly appointed professors and scientists in their early carrier stages. Within this strategy, the Centre of Advanced Study and Research (GraFA) plays an important role since its establishment in 2008 as a central institution. With an interdisciplinary educational program in the fields of self-organization, personnel management and university didactics complemented by consulting and coaching, it offers a broad portfolio of support for career development within and without science. Amongst others, the program "Young Women at the Top", which was included in the "Equality in Science" instrument box of the German Research Society in 2014, is specifically dedicated for promoting scientifically talented young female scientists.