Universität Erfurt

For the coming years, the University of Erfurt aims at expanding the variety of its career paths and continues to pursue its particular position as a university that offers new opportunities for young researchers. For this reason, it was decided to broaden the career development offerings as a strategic area of action and to implement an integrated career development concept. The parts which apply to professors and young researchers have already been accepted by the Senate. They are called the "Erfurt Career Track", an appointment and career programme for postdocs who are on their way to be promoted to professorship, and the "Erfurt Career Programme" for young researchers who are moving from predocs to postdocs. Those two parts are complemented by a programme in support of academic and non-academic personnel which will provide a fitting structural framework for a professional and modern university administration and will ensure a co-ordinated interaction between academic support services and academic research and teaching.

Within the project, the Erfurt Career Track, which has already been established in 2015, will be expanded and strengthened. The aim of the university is, to consistently fill at least 15 percent of its professorships as Tenure Track and 50 percent of those as Junior Career Track positions. Eight career track positions have already been filled. Seven more are applied for now. With those the university will strengthen the three strategically central research fields.  The project would apart from that enable the strategic anchoring of the Tenure Track programme at the University of Erfurt as well as the evaluation and enhancement of the appointment and career concept. As a result, the developed structures, procedures and quality standards for Tenure Track professorships could be furthered, evaluated and improved.