Universität Hamburg

With its application in the context of the joint Federal Government-Länder funding programme for junior academics and in connection with the decision to contribute extensively from its own budgetary funds for further tenure-track professorships, Universität Hamburg would now like to firmly and comprehensively establish, both with regard to staffing and infrastructure, the principle of Recruiting—Fostering—Retaining in addition to its hitherto predominant Fostering—Advancing—Transferring career approach for young researchers. Universität Hamburg hereby heeds the decision taken by the German Council of Science and Humanities to professionalize career goals and paths, to make career starts and transitions more transparent (both within and outside university institutions), and to design reliable opportunities for advancement.

In 2014 Universität Hamburg issued bylaws governing tenure-track procedures, with clearly defined examination and evaluation criteria that meet all of the requirements of the Tenure-Track-Programme. For example, for every advertised tenure-track professorship, a subsequent tenured professorship is also being offered. The goal is to design the naming of professorships, academic search procedures, and the guidance and supervision of professors (including evaluation and selection processes) as thoroughly, responsibly, and qualitatively as possible, enabling tenure-track professors to fulfill rigorous expectations and have the best chances of receiving positive evaluations and tenure.

Universität Hamburg also sees the BMBF’s offer of support as an opportunity to compare, openly and without bias, the chances for success on various career paths, and to see to what extent the tenure-track principle proves itself over time—for young researchers as well as with a view to Universität Hamburg’s national and international competitiveness.