Universität Leipzig

Leipzig University (LU) has a broad research spectrum, and with over 150 study programmes it offers a variety of subjects that is unique in Saxony. In the coming years, the university aims to develop into a leading German research university and become internationally recognized for its early career researcher development.

With the Leipzig Tenure-Track-Programme (LTTP), the university has established a new academic career path for excellent early career researchers. It opens up the possibility of scientific independence at an early stage of their career and offers a transparent and reliable planning perspective for a permanent W2 or W3 professorship. The Leipzig Tenure-Track-Programme comprises three options:

(1) W1 professorship with tenure track,

(2) Junior group leadership with tenure track,

(3) W2 professorship with tenure track.

With the implementation of the Leipzig Tenure-Track-Programme, the tenure-track professorship is institutionally anchored as an independent career path at the university.

As a central component of the human resources development strategy, the Leipzig Researcher Development Programme (LRDP) also offers a comprehensive support and qualification programme for all early career researchers. The programme not only takes into account the special requirements of the new tenure-track professorships, but also prepares for alternative career paths within and outside academia. It integrates the professional qualification modules of the faculties and research centres as well as the transdisciplinary courses offered at LU (e.g. at the Research Academy Leipzig, the Department of Research Services, Higher Education Didactics Centre, Equal Opportunities Office).

For the funding phase, LU applies for 22 tenure-track professorships for Option 1 of the Leipzig Tenure-Track-Programme. These will be established primarily in the strategic research fields “Sustainable Principles for Life and Health”, “Changed Order in a Globalized World”, and “Intelligent Methods and Materials” as well as in Emerging Fields and the Teacher Education of LU.