Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

The Film University is applying for a scientific-artistic tenure-track professorship with the denomination „Artistic Research and New Moving Image Media“. The professorship pursues three goals at once:

1) The Film University is a relatively small and still young university. In recent years, the university has succeeded in expanding and strengthening its research profile. In the field of artistic research in particular, the establishment of the Institute for Artistic Research, internal funding and the introduction of a scientific-artistic doctorate have led to a considerable increase in the volume of research. With its denomination „Artistic Research and New Moving Image Media“ the planned tenure-track professorship will sustainably expand the profile of the Film University as the only university in Germany conducting scientific-artistic research in the field of film.

2) In the sense of a pilot function, by combining artistic research and tenure track, the model is presented as a tool for the promotion of scientific-artistic "double talents". In a broader sense, the Film University thus makes an important contribution to a lasting cultural change in the university landscape.

3) The implementation of the tenure-track model is intended to make a contribution to diversifying the career paths of young academics at art academies. The tenure will be tested as an ins trument for long-term personnel development at practice-oriented as well as researching art academies. The expected impact therefore goes far beyond the applying institution itself.