University of Bonn

The University of Bonn is committed to the cultural change initiated by anchoring the tenure track professorship in the University’s appointment and tenure-track order and will continue to intensify the structural development that has begun. The junior professorship with tenure track will be permanently established at the University as a decisive career path for the promotion, qualification and acquisition of junior researchers.

By embedding the junior professorship with tenure track in the university-wide innovation process of merging scientific, technological and societal research topics in transdisciplinary research areas, research careers are supported, comprehensive qualification is promoted and the personal development of leadership skills are permanently strengthened. To achieve this, comprehensive qualification, support and counseling offers are provided and a tenure track office will implement university-wide networks for tenure track professors.

In addition, the establishment of junior professorships with tenure track aims to strengthen the University’s international competitiveness to attract excellent junior researchers and to offer them transparency and security. The targeted promotion and appointment of female junior researchers and thus significant increase in the proportion of female professors from currently 19.1 % to at least 30 % is an explicit component of the University's strategy and measures. For the permanent establishment of the tenure track professorship, a central tenure track job pool will be created. These resources will be available to address unpredictable challenges and to permanently secure the implementation of the tenure track professorship as a career path in the research innovation process.