University of Education Freiburg

Systematic fostering of the new generation of academics is an important strategic goal for the University of Education Freiburg. The career path of “Tenure-Track- Professorship” is already firmly anchored in the university’s Structure and Development Plan of 2011 and again in the Plan of 2016.

In the face of competition from schools, it is key in solving our recruitment problem as a University of Education. In many subject areas, there is a shortage of highly qualified academics in research-oriented didactics – the main focus of research and teaching at our university. This is because suitably qualified academics wanting to start a family often choose the more secure option of employment in school, which offers immediate civil servant status.

To complement the eight Tenure-Track-Professorships with currently occupied, and to firmly establish this additional career path in our structure, the University of Education is applying for three further Tenure-Track-Professorships in Sport and Sport Didactics, Music and Music Didactics, and Art and Art Didactics. These three subjects offer student teachers especially good employment prospects at both primary and secondary level. In addition, the University hopes this will stimulate fresh ideas in empirical educational research.