University of Education Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg University of Education (LUE) is a modern center of competency for educational sciences in four closely related disciplines: school education, extra-curricular children’s and youth education, adult / further education and education in cultural and social areas. LUE offers doctoral and post-doctoral degrees and are therefore on a par with full universities. LUE focuses on educational science issues both in research and teaching.

With its proposal LUE aims at strengthening the career options for post-doc researchers at the beginning of their post doc career via tenure track assistant professorships ("Juniporprofessur"). These professorships allow a more transparent career path for young researches and by doing so contribute immensely to supporting LUE's profile in international research and support the implemented culture change towards a yet more visible research university across all faculties.

With this application LUE aims strongly at not only supporting prospective post doc researchers through tenure track positions but also to improve its offers for young researchers both in their research areas as well as in their teaching. Beyond that, LUE offers a two-fold approach to academic careers for young researchers, one more focused on international research (especially for tenure track positions), the other more focused on state-of-the-art teaching approaches (espicially for positions outside the tenure track positions).

LUE has identified 4 major development areas in which an additional assistant professor will strengthen the research power of the discipline and also sharpen the research-based profile of LUE in general.