University of Hohenheim

The University of Hohenheim’s key strategic goals include increasing its research performance, enhancing its research profile, and making its degree programs more competitive. To achieve these goals, the best talent must be won over for the University, and the potential of Hohenheim’s own early career researchers must be better utilized - particularly by expanding their opportunities for independent research and teaching. 

This project will sustainably establish tenure-track professorships at the University of Hohenheim (UHOH). It will also promote the further development of the UHOH’s personnel organization, and the various qualification paths for early career researchers will be better structured, transparently outlined, and systematically strengthened. The University thereby expects to be able to win over early career researchers during the most productive and creative phase of their career and to diversify its personnel structure by increasing the proportion of women and international researchers. To continue strengthening the intentional change in culture, it will create the new professorships especially in its research concentrations and at important points of contact with large, planned consortium projects.

For the successful implementation of this plan, there need to be tailored programs to support the personal and academic development of early career researchers. The UHOH will therefore provide its tenure-track professors with attractive terms and, based on its comprehensive personnel development plan, offer an extensive package of measures extending from individual coaching and mentoring to various continuing education formats and support in balancing career and family life. This will be flanked by diverse personnel development measures for all early career researchers.