University of Koblenz-Landau

Since 2003, the University of Koblenz-Landau has successfully employed the tenure track-model as an instrument for supporting and developing young academics. In continuation of these efforts, the university has officially established tenure track-professorships as one career path toward a permanent professorship and it will strive to implement the concomitant cultural change. The tenure track creates conditions in which junior academics can reliably plan their careers within academia. University-wide standards have been set in place that guarantee fair review and evaluation processes based on a set of discipline-specific goals chosen from a catalog of possible development goals. The tenure-evaluation is overseen by a cross-faculty tenure board. Providing orientation for the professors during the tenure phase is paramount; therefore, status talks with the respective deans have been mandated. Voluntarily, junior professors can participate in a large number of support programs offered by the (junior) staff development unit(s).

The university-wide graduate academy broadens its reach to include all junior faculty; it offers target group-oriented programs (e.g. mentoring and onboarding) with a particular focus on helping junior academics navigate the transitions between career phases. In combination with numerous additional initiatives, these make up the new academic staff development strategy, which is currently being rolled out in a development phase.

In the future, 25 % of all professorships will be filled via tenure track. In order to establish this career path, the university will fine-tune existing and establish new ways for implementing this model sustainably as part of the university's strategy. The professorships funded through this program will strategically strengthen the university's research profile (Learning-Society-Environment), improve the interdisciplinary training of young academics, and further consolidate its high-quality, research-based teaching.