University of Siegen

As a profile-shaping instrument, the University of Siegen has implemented a systematic support system for the promotion of young researchers which is effective at all career levels of the European Framework for Research Careers from R1 (doctoral students) to R4 (established professors); from the interdisciplinary support of doctoral students by a continuous central graduate institution (House of Young Talents) to an excellent transparent appointment system (DHV seal of approval). All these measures were bundled in 2016/17 in the integrated personnel development concept and in the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers developed in parallel, for which the University of Siegen was the first North Rhine-Westphalian university to receive the European seal of approval "HR Excellence in Research".

The only missing element in this chain is the tenure-track professorship. In the competition to identify and recruit the most innovative researchers and with the aim of enabling young researchers to have a lifetime appointment at a significantly younger age than today and at the same time ensuring the greatest possible transparency and thus predictability, the university rectorate decided in 2017/18 to introduce Tenure Track across the board.

The University of Siegen is therefore applying for 13 tenure professorships in its seven research priorities along the Sensing and Sensibility profile line:

Profile area 1: Digital and mediatized society

Profile area 2: Inclusive society and social living spaces

Profile area 3: Globally networked regional economic systems

Profile area 4: Responsive sensor technologies

Profile area 5: Intelligent and resource-saving production and new materials

Profile area 6: Individualised health care in rural areas

Profile area 7: Elementary interactions and quanta