University of Wuppertal

The University of Wuppertal regards the promotion of young scientists as a primary and important contribution to the sustainable progress of science and research and has set up the tenure track professorship as an additional career path for its junior scientists. The university committees, boards and disciplines are convinced that the cultural change in the field of scientific advancement of young scientists, which is required to establish tenure track professorships, can only be achieved if a significant part of a lifetime professorship is obtained via a tenure track professorship. Therefore, it is the central goal of the university to appoint at least 25 percent of its new professors by tenure track procedure in the future. In this context, nine professorships shall be filled as tenure track positions. The integration of the tenure track professorships into the respective disciplines is guided by the teaching and research profiles defined in the university’s Mission Statement and with that, by its outstanding interdisciplinary research fields. This creates the framework that will henceforth enable new professorships to substantially contribute to the university’s image. The tenure track professors are appointed according to the same quality standards as lifetime professors at the university. This ensures both, a discipline-specific and scientifically adequate procedure of appointment as well as sufficient resources for the tenure track professorships. The implementation of tenure track professorships includes a personnel development plan and a security and support concept offering constructive guidance to unexpected career paths. A tenure track coordinator operating on a central level and a tenure track fund additionally support the faculties in their efforts to implement tenure track professorships. The professors are provided with a comprehensive set of instruments from human resource development and for the reconciliation of family and work life.